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Water Obstruction & Encroachment Permit

Chapter 105 Dam Safety & Waterway Management

Chapter 105 is the chapter in Title 25 of the PA Code that contains the permit guidelines for regulating work in or near streams. These regulations are STATE regulations. There are other rules and regulations that are enforced either locally through municipalities and/or by the federal government.

There are 11 General Permits, each available through the Conservation District. The following is a listing of the general 105 permits available through the Conservation District.

GP-1 Fish Habitat Enhancement Structures

GP-2 Small Docks & Boat Launching Ramps

GP-3 Bank Rehabilitation, Bank Stabilization & Gravel Bar Removal

GP-4 Intake & Outfall Structures

GP-5 Utility Line Stream Crossings

GP-6 Agricultural Crossings & Ramps

GP-7 Minor Road Crossings

GP-8 Temporary Road Crossings

GP-9 Agricultural Activities

GP-10 Abandoned Mine Reclamation

GP-15 Private Residential Construction in Wetlands

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General Permit Application

For copies of the Permit Registration Forms please visit General Permits on the DEP website.

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Water Obstruction & Encroachment Permit

For copies of the Water Obstruction & Encroachment Permit please visit the DEP web site.

For projects that do not meet the criteria of the General Permit a Water Obstruction & Encroachment Application Package should be obtained. The permit process is more extensive (taking up to 6 months) and generally requires the use of a professional. The application is filed through the Department of Environmental Protection, Northwest Regional Office, 230 Chestnut Street, Meadville, PA 16335, (814) 332-6942.

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