The staff of the Crawford County Conservation District perform the day-to-day operations of the District.

District Staff

  • District Manager / Ag Land Preservation / Ag Engineering – Tracey J. Crawford
  • Ag Conservation Technician / Nutrient & Manure Management – Breann J. Curry
  • Administrative Assistant – Laura L. Dengler
  • Senior Resource Conservation Technician / Nutrient Management / DGR & LV Roads – Maria Anderson Dreese
  • Resource Conservation Technician – Jared R. Prokopchak
  • Watershed Specialist – Brian S. Pilarcik
  • Environmental Educator – Kathy E. Uglow

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Board Members

  • Robert Waddell, Chairperson / Rural Director
  • George D. Greig, Vice-Chairperson / Rural Director
  • Amber Heil, Secretary-Treasurer / Urban Director
  • John M. Amato, Commissioner Director
  • Andrew Hyde, Rural Director
  • Vernon C. Knapp, Rural Director
  • Wendy Kedzierski, Urban Director

The Associate Directors of the Crawford County Conservation District are appointed by the District Board. They serve in a voluntary capacity in the same way as directors, except that they do not vote at board meetings. Often, Associate Directors bring an area of expertise to the board meeting and act in an advisory capacity. They often serve on committees that accomplish District goals.

Associate Directors

  • Dennis Archacki
  • Scott Preston
  • LeeAnn Kapanick

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