Happy Cows, Happy Creeks: Agriculture and our Watersheds

By Lisa Flinn, Crawford County Conservation District Intern From stream-bank fencing to barn-yard stabilization to milk-house collection systems, farmers have come a long way in promoting healthy watersheds through the use of Best Management Practices (BMPs). Local farmers speak out about the need for water quality and the responsibility everyone shares in maintaining water standards… read more →

Putting Pollution in Perspective

By Lisa Flinn, Crawford County Conservation District Intern Which is worse: chemical discharge from a pipe or pesticides from 50 suburban lawns running off into a creek? Actually, they rank at about the same level since they all can be potentially poisonous. But which would the public consider worse socially? Certainly, it is easiest to.. read more →

Water Pollution Hits Home

By Lisa Flinn, Crawford County Conservation District Intern Water pollution is often linked to large industries with foul pipes secretly spewing waste into our waters. People normally don’t think of themselves as part of the pollution problem, but we are all responsible for polluted waters since sources of pollution come from our own homes and.. read more →

Which Watershed Do You Call Home?

By Lisa Flinn, Crawford County Conservation District Intern The map shown here depicts the different watersheds in Crawford County Crawford County Watershed Map. You can actually find your “Watershed Address.” Instead of thinking, “I live at 916 Martin Street (for example), which is in Meadville, which is in Pennsylvania, which is on the Eastern half of.. read more →

Snow Removal

More Information “Time To Shovel The Snow Removal Myths!” Click here for more Snow and Ice Removal tips! Slip Sliding Away! Tips for Snow and Ice Removal Snow and Ice Removal recommendations                       read more →

Stormwater – Team Hellbender Outreach Project

“Stormwater!” Center for Watershed Protection read more →

Riparian Areas

More Information “What’s The Deal With Riparian Zones?!!!”                         read more →


More Information “Happy Cows, Happy Creeks!”                         read more →


Wetlands can save you money (and a headache)! Wetlands often get a bad rap with people who do not understand their importance and necessity within the landscape. Often these areas are seen as a “waste of space”, however overlooking these important areas can lead to severe problems over time. Wetlands are often thought of as.. read more →